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June 17 2012



Hey guys, this is my new blog! I had to move because Soup.io had made it so I couldn't post or edit my blog at all. I see it's back now but I'm not going to go through all the hassle of switching again. So....Well you know where to find me!

April 29 2012

Nine more days of school left!
Well I should say five more days since the last four are straight testing.

April 21 2012

Hey, so a lot has happened in the last week but guess I should update you guys that Raphael and I are engaged. (Meh you guys already knew that was coming though.)

April 15 2012

So I guess I should post something.
I should be working on the research essays due April 30th for my American gov class but....oh well, I need a short break anyway.

*ramble, ramble, ramble*
So we'll(Raphael, Jet Black, Mai Tai, and I) will be moving in a little over a month from now, around May 20th approximately. I won't know if I've been accepted to the university(s) or not until around June so I'm going on a visitor visa to Canada since all the office has to do is stamp my passport when we cross the border. Luckily my visa is good for around 6 months and that it's easy to change my status to a study visa after the universities decide if they want me or not.
Meh, it'll be fine. The counselor at the university Raphael and I both want to go to is really nice so we'll get in.

I'm not sure what campus we'll be in around Vancouver but I hope we can go to the one in Surrey since apartments there are cheaper.

Hmm what else? Oh yeah, finals....screw finals. The classes this semester are super easy even if they have a ton of work to do in them. Also, why is it that in my last algebra class I finished with a C+ but in this Algebra class(even harder than the last) I'll finish with an A?? I really hated my last algebra teacher last semester, I would have dropped his class if I hadn't needed it to keep my scholarship! Lucky my teacher this semester is awesome and usually knows what we're doing without asking someone.

Anyway, if any of you guys reading this are in college or university, pick your teachers right. Most the teachers that people at my college hate are actually very good teachers, they just downgrade them because the students aren't prepared to handle a little bit of work.
*Also, don't suck-up to them just for a good grade, it's a annoying and unneeded. **And don't let the teachers pick on you- they don't have a right to single you out in class, even if they might think they do.
*ramble, ramble, ramble*

HEY, does anyone ever read this? You can contact me/us on our Tumblr and/or Facebook page, the links are at the top of this page in my intro.. NO SPAM or CREEPERS PLEASE- you'll just be ignored.
私は元気です! \^o^//

April 07 2012

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This is Mai Tai, Raphael's new kitten. Now we have two cats instead of just my Jet Black.

March 28 2012

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Last of the required information in order for my application to be reviewed...Hope I get in! My GPA is high and I'm a good student/person, they'd be missing out if they denied me.

March 19 2012

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Needless to say I ended up applying to Kwantlen Polytechnic University so Raphael(my boyfriend) and I can stay together.

It's actually cheaper for me to go to Canada than to Portland, OR or any other university in the US with my major.
Nice right? Yup.
Considering the US government won't give him a visa(that doesn't include marrying him) so he can stay in the country with me until I graduate. It's kind of pathetic that I can get a student visa so easily with other countries but when it comes it ours it's not even worth trying.


Note: Why does everyone keep asking if we're going to get married?
----I mean, damn, at least let us have time to be together first..Not like we'd really complain but getting married costs money.

February 29 2012

Okay, so I really want to apply to PSU(Portland State) next week after I sign up for part-time in the Fall semester of this year, at my community college. However, I feel like I should wait the 2 months until my grades are posted for this semesters classes. If I do that I'll have a higher GPA....but I'll lose 2 months advantage.
Oh never mind, I'll just wait until the grades are posted.

February 20 2012

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Yaki Chicken Udon, Shrimp Tempura and Sushi at Tempura Japanese Restaurant with Raphael.
==Since we're not in Japan yet- the next best alternative is the Japanese restaurant ran by the Chinese population.==

I'm partial to not liking seafood so I only tried one roll of sushi...personally it was disgusting but to other people that like that stuff it would have been pretty good. The same with the shrimp tempura but there was sweet potatoes and broccoli in it also- those are always good.
The Yaki Udon was yummy, with the plate broiling hot so that the noodles were still sizzling half way through the meal...unfortunately they stuck to the bottom so it was hard getting them off with our chopsticks.
Okay, so long story short- I'm back and will try to post more!

January 28 2012

Network, Networks, Networking.
That's all I've heard the past week in and out of class.

A recap:

 1. I donated blood to Red Cross, did you?
 2. I was one of the 3-10% that had side-effects from donating, I didn't have any problems last time.
 3. The Student Senate meeting was long and boring sort of as we tried to plan for the Soup-Bowl Event in March.
 4. International Student Organization meeting was moved to next Tuesday.
 5. My politics teacher failed miserably at teaching Economics.
 6. Turns out my Supernatural lit. teacher also imported her man.
 7. Made a new friend just by standing up...awkward.
 8. Got talked into making/joining a book club said "friend" is planning in exchange for her joining the ISO.
Tons more happened but that's all I can remember for now.
Oh, and apparently my book's version of Frankenstein isn't anything like the rest of the classes so I'm screwed trying to write this 1 1/2 pg paper.

January 19 2012

Wow....almost a whole month has gone by!
Well, I can certainly tell you guys that I am NOT super busy. Truthfully I just simply forgot about my blog...sort of. My mind's been elsewhere half the past month, focused on not failing this semester.

My classes started last Monday, I have American Government, College Algebra, Microeconomics, and Supernatural & Sci Fi Lit. this semester.
So far I have A's in every class....seeing as all the stuff is super easy/a repeat from last semester..but we shall see.

Next month is going to be a busy month for me. I have to go to Denver as well as Wyoming...for various reasons. Wish me luck for next month, yeah?

December 24 2011

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So, I cleaned out some of my books(around 700 library) and found five issues of manga-zines from Japan. I'd thought I only had two.
There's three Sho-Comi, one Magaret and one Hanayume.

December 16 2011

Finals are OVER!!!!

I'm at my aunts right now because I needed time away from the "House".
Anyway, you know how a said I had a long couple of days? Well make it a LONG 2 weeks, you wouldn't believe the stuff that's went down.- and I can't even talk about it on here but one of them is, I got another job. This time it's a work-study program.

December 10 2011

Whoa, it's been 9 days since the last post?
Okay, so I've had the most strangest past 3 or so days...I don't really wanna talk about it but just thought I'd mention it, so yeah.
Also, no more classes just 4 more days of testing.

December 01 2011

A couple days and counting until finals.
I'm alive so far despite the cold weather, lack of yummy food, sleep, vitamins, and time. My poor fingernails definitely didn't make it unscathed and will probably be non-existent after exams. I will update after exams are over but just a heads up, I will be writing a book over break, in the meanwhile, if you have any exams, study and good luck with them!

November 26 2011

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Black Friday shopping with my friend, Mieko and her son, Jeremy.

November 20 2011

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My German Shepherd x Husky, Outlaw.
I don't see why a lot of people are scared of her, she's just a little dog, it's not her fault she barks at them because they didn't introduce themselves.

November 11 2011

Hey all! New update~

Okay, so I was VERY frustrated with my current college as they aren't offering ANY courses this year, well unless I want to major in nursing or Diesel Fuel Tech...but I'm sort of fine with it now. They literally forced me to maybe have to extend my stay here, which is not going to happen so I talked with my econ teacher and found out that the schedule saying I either had to have passed the prerequisite or have permission was just a miss print. So, I'll be taking, College Algebra, Micro-Economics, American Gov & Politics, and Sci-fi and Supernatural Literature.

Also, it is confirmed that I AM going to Tokyo(more like Yokohama) summer 2012 and that I still have no idea of the dates or how long I'll be there.
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