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Network, Networks, Networking.
That's all I've heard the past week in and out of class.

A recap:

 1. I donated blood to Red Cross, did you?
 2. I was one of the 3-10% that had side-effects from donating, I didn't have any problems last time.
 3. The Student Senate meeting was long and boring sort of as we tried to plan for the Soup-Bowl Event in March.
 4. International Student Organization meeting was moved to next Tuesday.
 5. My politics teacher failed miserably at teaching Economics.
 6. Turns out my Supernatural lit. teacher also imported her man.
 7. Made a new friend just by standing up...awkward.
 8. Got talked into making/joining a book club said "friend" is planning in exchange for her joining the ISO.
Tons more happened but that's all I can remember for now.
Oh, and apparently my book's version of Frankenstein isn't anything like the rest of the classes so I'm screwed trying to write this 1 1/2 pg paper.

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