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So I guess I should post something.
I should be working on the research essays due April 30th for my American gov class but....oh well, I need a short break anyway.

*ramble, ramble, ramble*
So we'll(Raphael, Jet Black, Mai Tai, and I) will be moving in a little over a month from now, around May 20th approximately. I won't know if I've been accepted to the university(s) or not until around June so I'm going on a visitor visa to Canada since all the office has to do is stamp my passport when we cross the border. Luckily my visa is good for around 6 months and that it's easy to change my status to a study visa after the universities decide if they want me or not.
Meh, it'll be fine. The counselor at the university Raphael and I both want to go to is really nice so we'll get in.

I'm not sure what campus we'll be in around Vancouver but I hope we can go to the one in Surrey since apartments there are cheaper.

Hmm what else? Oh yeah, finals....screw finals. The classes this semester are super easy even if they have a ton of work to do in them. Also, why is it that in my last algebra class I finished with a C+ but in this Algebra class(even harder than the last) I'll finish with an A?? I really hated my last algebra teacher last semester, I would have dropped his class if I hadn't needed it to keep my scholarship! Lucky my teacher this semester is awesome and usually knows what we're doing without asking someone.

Anyway, if any of you guys reading this are in college or university, pick your teachers right. Most the teachers that people at my college hate are actually very good teachers, they just downgrade them because the students aren't prepared to handle a little bit of work.
*Also, don't suck-up to them just for a good grade, it's a annoying and unneeded. **And don't let the teachers pick on you- they don't have a right to single you out in class, even if they might think they do.
*ramble, ramble, ramble*

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