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October 30 2011

I might be going to Tokyo next summer. MIGHT.

October 28 2011

So, yesterday was my 18th birthday. I went to classes then went home and did home work, even ate the last piece of my chocolate cake with whipped cream frosting...Until I got a call from the Director of Housing and Student Activities. He wanted me at  his office, so I drove all the way back to campus, again and met with him about the International Club. Finally, it'd been about 2 months since I'd put in an interest for it!
He'd said we'd only talk for 5 to 10 minutes, I looked at my clock only to find we'd talked for 2 hours.
Some how he'd talked me into going to the Halloween Party the Student Senate was putting on at the North Campus. So I went to that around 9pm and hung out in the halls while all the kids went in and 'partied'. Turns out a lot of students on the senate are my classmates...and the Director also talked me into joining the Student Senate...I don't know how that all happened. I didn't get home until 12:30am though...I had classes at 6am too so I'm pretty tired but oh well, at least it's the week end! Right?

I turn 18 and all of a sudden I'm in an International Club and a new member of the Student Senate..

October 27 2011

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I got my new glasses! These are heavier than my last ones but I like them better, they only cost $53 USD after insurance too.~

October 24 2011

Well, I just got back from the optometrist. Luckily my eyes didn't changed and I got new glasses for $53~

October 20 2011

Screw the Lytro camera, they said it would be affordable! Afforable my ass, $400. $400 I can get my DSLR which is way better than the Lytro in manual settings. Hell, I'll just stick with my $150 X5. Lytro isn't worth more than $60.
Tags: lytro camera

October 18 2011


October 10 2011

Anyone have an old/still working DSLR they don't want? Or just want to do a girl a favor and buy one then give it to me for...FREE?
No? *sigh* alright...

October 09 2011

In my Expository Writing we're supposed to write a persuasive letter to someone...It can be business or personal. I chose personal...but I don't care enough to 'persuade' someone I know to do something. It's their life, I just give suggestions. Anyway, I had to write to someone on something...so I chose to write to my mom on her online VR porn addiction.

*sigh* That was a mistake. Now I'm stuck with my draft back from the teacher, it has all kinds of marks(good ones/helpful) but it just seems all over the place. The Final is due Friday morning at 8am, to be enveloped, stamped and addressed before handing to the teacher. I don't know what I'm going to do....I'm screwed, aren't I?

October 08 2011

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My cat, Jet Black is just too cute.... >...<""
Studying...Studying...Actually, does it sound like I'm studying?
Nah, I'm more like rewriting notes for my politics class. Boring, you probably stopped reading there, right?
I always wondered why my friends were more popular online but then I realized their blogs, soups, tumblrs, Me2Day, ect. were filled with nude and half naked Asian men. Haha, how far in the world can you get with that? VERY FAR!

Eh, it doesn't matter how popular I am!

October 06 2011

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Life was so much easier when we were younger...

I hardly even remember posing for the picture?

If only we could have enjoyed our childhood more, maybe then people wouldn't think we are so old. Hmm, I'm not going to go on about my past, but I know for a fact I had to grow up too early.
My little brother and I are one of those freak children that don't act or do things normal ones are supposed to do...According to a lot of media and people, teens like us don't exist.
We don't drink, party, smoke, do any drugs, dress to attract/show off, know it all syndrome, date, and so on.
It's quite comical when my dad's friends see us and we turn out to be their kids or their grand kids ages...

October 05 2011

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Went for a walk between classes today.
Of course I'm the only one stupid enough to go on a walk at 9am when it's 20+mph winds out!
Luckily the trees blocked most of it.
This is from across the campus, it's not actually part of campus but a city trail that runs next to it.

image(c) me; Crystal.

October 02 2011

Just because you quit something doesn't mean you're a failure. It just means you're making room for something more important. Unless you're quitting the important thing, then you're just an idiot.
— Crystal(me)
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September 29 2011

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It's that time of the year.
Papers are requested, forms are filled out, pictures are taken and passports are received.

Actually, I just made that up. I've never had a passport before. However, all my forms are filled out and I have a photo session at the Picture Me! Walmart Photo Center tomorrow at 1pm.
Picture Me! is actually convenient in making appointments, you can call in, walk in, or place it online. I placed it online of course. I like that, arranging appointments online, instead of having to deal with even more people.

Anyway, after I get my photo(s), I'm going to the court house to get my passport.~

September 23 2011

Wow, it's been a long time, huh?
Perhaps I'll tell you a little about what's happened...

Well, there's this guy, A, I think I like him? But he's probably already got a girlfriend...and I know if he didn't, he still wouldn't be interested in me so I guess we'll just stick to talking in the halls and at work occasionally.
Why do I like guys that aren't interested in me? It's so hard to find ones I like too....
Hmm.... Oh well!

Also I'm writing a comparative thesis on NKorea and SKorea for my Comparative Politics class. There's not much info on NKorea government)
I also handed in my final Narrative essay for my Expo Writing class this morning... So far I'm carrying a 3.6 GPA but it might drop in a month or two as I'm just not feeling well, but I'll live. :P

I don't really know what much more to talk about so...

ja matta ne!

September 05 2011

Well, I passed training.
I worked my first shift alone today. I had my first break down cause work stuff today and I called help desk about 5 times. The last person to order helped me in wanting to come back, they were very pleasant but the fist couple calls I had were all crazy men....within 50 miles of each other. They must be in a club called, "You give us back our money or we'll go down there and shoot you!" club.

anyway, I went out to eat with Mieko...turns out she's 34, huge age gap! But we get a long well.

School is...school I guess? Got knock out of my econ test online so I have to retake it in the morning and if it does it again I have to email my teacher and get her to reset it.

August 27 2011

So, an update of my week.

I started training at work last Monday and classes last Tuesday.

Work...the training is hard but the people are nice. I guess the thing that bothers me most is all the talking, my throat is super sore and it's only been a week. On the bright side, I like the hours they have me scheduled for, AFTER training that is.

Class...are okay, I think my politics teacher is a little crazy...CLICK HERE TO SEE WHY!!
Turns out my Economics class is a hybrid and my Expo Writing is a distance learning.
I don't really know what else to put so I'll just list somethings from this week:

-Caught Nichole from my summer algebra class in the hall and went out to eat with her.
-Made a couple friends in my intermediate algebra class. The class is 30 people and they stick us in tiny desks from the 80's.
-Was on the news last night as part of the feature on distance learning.
- Figured out I'm the youngest in all my classes and of course the only Japanese Studies major.(The college doesn't offer it.)
-Went to walmart last night after work to pick up some things. Saw my friend, Nakia, a girl from my algebra class, and went through two different check out lines because the first girl forgot to scan my cat and dog food...and of course she was of schedule before she could ring them up! ugh.
- Surprisingly don't have a lot of homework. I just need to finish read chap 1 in the writing book, take the econ tests online, and do 0.3 chapters of math homework.

A summary. I am highly disappointed in the super easiness of my classes. Work was hard I don't get home until 11PM and only get about 5 hours sleep right now.

BUT, All in all... I survived this week.

August 19 2011

There's two main types of "gaijin".
1. The type that generally have an earnest interest in Japan.
2. The kind that want to be Japanese. AKA. Weeaboo.

The 2nd kind mess everything up for us Type 1's.
They go to Tokyo, since that's the only city that usually exists of Japan in their mind, dressed up in some weird clothes they either bought online or made themselves. Then they walk around; yapping random Japanese words(baka, sugio, fa-i-tou! etc.), trying to hug the poor unknowing pedestrians, and generally acting like a tween at a Justin Bieber concert. Or in another way of putting it, they think real 'Japanese' people act like manga/anime characters and therefore try to imitate them. **It's not uncommon for Type 2's to go to Japan to find a "kakkoi boyfriend/husband."

If you can see how these 'type' of 'ignorant' people put a skew in the way people see 'gaijin', then you'd understand how hard it is to change peoples minds about you being an 'air head'. It's not just the Japanese that think this of these gaijin(sometimes...or a lot). These 'gaijin' act like the above before even getting to Japan, and therefore- when people hear about us Type 1's love of Japan, they wait for us to break into an annoying high-pitched song, repeating "Ikimasho! Ikimasho!!" Over and over again.

That's just not the way us Type 1's work. We're strong in our love of the country. We're calm, act like ourselves, respectful, but in the end we're fun and still have our 'otaku' moments. Our 'otaku' moments might be sparse to often but we never act like Type 2. We just smile, laugh, talk excitedly, and take pictures(If cameras are allowed). We know our boundaries and have our own ideas of what we want.

August 16 2011

Finished setting everything up at the work place. Just need to get my work ID on Monday before training.

I get every job I interview for.

The above sounds SO...conceited. It's true, I have yet to not get a job I interview for. Every time I go for an interview I hope to not get the job, to for once be turned down. In the end I end up working there. Then again, I haven't interviewed at many places and I have a strong command of body language & a bright(white) smile. I know what I want, I just need to focus on working my confidence up. I didn't do that today, it wasn't an interview and I thought I'd be handling with the same woman. I wasn't. I hate when they hand me off to someone I don't know, especially a guy. Unprepared + guy not too much older + keeps staring @ me =  me over blushing.
I can't stop the blush, I just don't like people watching me so closely...Especially guys, it's embarrassing, annoying, and brings out my shitty shy personality.

I don't like Shy Crystal, she gets me in trouble and makes me turn down opportunities.
I want to be...me, but not shy. is that so much to ask??

August 15 2011

I got my student ID at the college today. Why can't I take a good picture for ID's? I always look stupid.
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