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December 24 2011

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So, I cleaned out some of my books(around 700 library) and found five issues of manga-zines from Japan. I'd thought I only had two.
There's three Sho-Comi, one Magaret and one Hanayume.

August 19 2011

There's two main types of "gaijin".
1. The type that generally have an earnest interest in Japan.
2. The kind that want to be Japanese. AKA. Weeaboo.

The 2nd kind mess everything up for us Type 1's.
They go to Tokyo, since that's the only city that usually exists of Japan in their mind, dressed up in some weird clothes they either bought online or made themselves. Then they walk around; yapping random Japanese words(baka, sugio, fa-i-tou! etc.), trying to hug the poor unknowing pedestrians, and generally acting like a tween at a Justin Bieber concert. Or in another way of putting it, they think real 'Japanese' people act like manga/anime characters and therefore try to imitate them. **It's not uncommon for Type 2's to go to Japan to find a "kakkoi boyfriend/husband."

If you can see how these 'type' of 'ignorant' people put a skew in the way people see 'gaijin', then you'd understand how hard it is to change peoples minds about you being an 'air head'. It's not just the Japanese that think this of these gaijin(sometimes...or a lot). These 'gaijin' act like the above before even getting to Japan, and therefore- when people hear about us Type 1's love of Japan, they wait for us to break into an annoying high-pitched song, repeating "Ikimasho! Ikimasho!!" Over and over again.

That's just not the way us Type 1's work. We're strong in our love of the country. We're calm, act like ourselves, respectful, but in the end we're fun and still have our 'otaku' moments. Our 'otaku' moments might be sparse to often but we never act like Type 2. We just smile, laugh, talk excitedly, and take pictures(If cameras are allowed). We know our boundaries and have our own ideas of what we want.
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