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November 11 2011

Hey all! New update~

Okay, so I was VERY frustrated with my current college as they aren't offering ANY courses this year, well unless I want to major in nursing or Diesel Fuel Tech...but I'm sort of fine with it now. They literally forced me to maybe have to extend my stay here, which is not going to happen so I talked with my econ teacher and found out that the schedule saying I either had to have passed the prerequisite or have permission was just a miss print. So, I'll be taking, College Algebra, Micro-Economics, American Gov & Politics, and Sci-fi and Supernatural Literature.

Also, it is confirmed that I AM going to Tokyo(more like Yokohama) summer 2012 and that I still have no idea of the dates or how long I'll be there.

October 30 2011

I might be going to Tokyo next summer. MIGHT.

August 05 2011

   I'm driving to Denver(Roughly 290 miles) in the morning for the weekend, to attend a family reunion. I'd rather be driving there to the airport because I have a flight to Japan but, unfortunately, that's not the case.
I won't really know anyone there but my dad, brother, uncle(s), aunt(s?), and niece(s?) because it's a very far/removed part of the family. In other words, it'd most likely be legal to marry one of them.(ew!)
   I hope there's people there my age or a little older, maybe one of them will like Japan or S Korea too! Or not... It doesn't matter.
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